How might THERAPY 

with David Jurasek (Sensei David)

help you and your family?

Let's be frank.


Therapy ~ like life ~ comes with few guarantees.

That's also why I am very selective of whom I choose to work with

and why I offer this free 30 minute consult to help us see if we are the best fit. 


At the same time, going through dark and rough terrain without a skilled guide may make for a harder, lonelier and longer journey. 


As a therapist and a father myself, I've helped many parents with and personally navigated certain crises which I have led to some meaningful opportunities:


TOP 10 Crises/Opportunities:  

1. FOCUS and Attention struggles

Whether ADHD or caused by anxiety and environment, facing this can lead to developing skills, a sense of accomplishment, more ease and presence. 

2. ANGER - harmful or out of control

Whether in the parent or the child, it can lead to burned bridges or be channeled into greater respect, order, integrity, determination and power. 


It can paralyze and exhaust you or your child or it can be a wake up call to living a richer and fuller life! 


These yucky feelings sabotage many good parents, kids and teens. Digesting them can lead to deeper honesty, integrity, and ability to respond. 

5. SOCIAL exclusion

The incredibly searing experience of being left out and unnoticed can leave a deep scar or it become a source of great compassion and social intelligence. 

6. SLEEP issues

Too much or too little can hurt our mental and physical health. Finding the right ways to support deep rest can positively impact the entire family. 

7. SCHOOL Avoidance

The wrong fit can set them back years. A good enough one can save them. Navigating what best to do demands wisdom, patience and allies! 

8. SCREEN "Addiction"

It's a massive health epidemic affecting us all! There are ways to become a more tech-wise family -- increasing the good and limiting the harms. 


Even fighting out behind closed doors can have a toxic affect on our kids. Yet, conflict is necessary and can be healthy for us all - when done well!

10. PARENTING Burn Out/Overwhelm

It happens every day to even the best of parents. Either we stay down or we learn deeper lessons and re-emerge stronger from the ashes.  

Want to find out if we're a good fit? 

I am confident that I can

help you if you are ready to:

* Be the change you wish to see in your family.

Blaming our co-parents or kids or wishing for them to change will not get us where we want to go. 

* Take an honest look at yourself

Honesty and accuracy are critical to be able to use our resources wisely. 

* Delve deeper into understanding your kid(s) and co-parent.  

Often things are not what they seem. Asking for input and looking at our impacts helps us see clearly. 

* Willing to engage the blocks sabotaging your parenting.

This is often where many parents fear to tread. Yet, how else can we help our kids and family navigate difficult experiences if we have stayed away from them ourselves? 

* Willing to experiment and take action!

This means taking baby steps which you can do and which feels fully aligned with who you want to be.

What I promise

if you choose me

as your therapist:


* I won’t try to fix you or your kid(s) nor diminish your importance in their lives.

After working with kids for 25 years, I am certain that it is best to help parents first and foremost. I want your kids (whatever age they be) to look to you for the love and guidance they need -- not me!


* I won’t waste your time

If I can't help you with something, I will help you find someone who can. We'll also be measuring if the therapy is working together so we can make the most of your time and your invaluable trust. 

* I will kick your butt (if and when needed)

In terms of simply reminding you of the promises you have made to yourself and your family.


* I will go through hell with you

Both in leading you and joining you in where you need to go emotionally to grow. 

I don't stay in the background, but get into the feelings with my clients. It helps them feel truly supported, seen and heard and felt. I also know how to go in and through intense and painful stuff so I can show you how. 

* I will teach you some of the skills you and your child may be missing

Therapy with me is not only supportive but also empowering. That's why I teach relevant skills and we can practice them as often as possible together. 


* I can be there for you when the shit hits the fan!

I have a family and a life too so I cannot be on call 24/7, but I am flex enough to be able to take your call or set up a meeting within a day or two. More importantly, when we meet, I will be 100% present for you emotionally, putting any distractions aside.

* We'll have lots of fun!

I know therapy can be about facing our demons and growth can be painful. All the more reason to do it in ways that make it more bearable and even (if possible) lightening our hearts.  

Ready to see if we're a good fit? 

If you need more info, keep reading... 

Practical QUESTIONS...

What are your qualifications, exactly?

Good question. 


I, David Jurasek, am a registered psychotherapist (RP) with the CRPO (College of Registered Psychotherapy of Ontario). That's the place you'd contact to verify I am a professionally trained and certified and to complain if you felt I ever did something unethical. My number is #002371.

I graduated with a degree from Concordia University in a Master's of Arts in Creative Arts Therapies (Drama Therapy). Note: "Drama Therapy" is not therapy for actors but a way to concretely bring to life and evolve what we are talking about. Imagine replaying and rehearsing real-life moments so you feel ready to respond when you get home! 

I spent my first 13  years as an adult working as a teacher and facilitator with kids, teens and adults. I then worked as a Child and Family Therapist with families with complex mental health and Learning Disabilities at Integra (now CDI) for the last 12 years

I am also the founder and former chief instructor of the Integra Young Warriors program ~ a very popular innovative therapeutic program for tweens and parents based on Mindfulness, Drama Therapy and Aikido (the peaceful martial art). 

How much do you charge?

Another great question. 

The average cost of private psychotherapy across Canada is between $125-175 + HST, per session.

I wish to offer accessible services to parents and manage to pay for the costs of living in Toronto and operating a sustainable practice. 

My rate currently is $160/hour + HST. 

AND... I do offer a sliding scale to a maximum of 3 families at any one time -- please contact me to discuss it.


Where and when can we meet?

Currently I work out of the 

inspiring and warm space on the Eastside...


The Healing Collective

(Woodbine and Danforth)


on Tuesdays (7am - 8pm)

Note: I am also looking into other spaces during the week, yet for now, if you...  

...Want to meet on other days?


I do video and phone-based therapy also. 

Here are 2 other ways

we MAY help:



Learn from your Sensei and other parents more quickly and in flexible ways.


Learn the skills you are missing while having fun with your child!

Still not SURE?

Sometimes, we need to ask the right questions to see what we need.


This 5 minute check-in survey will help us both see what the best next steps might be...

While you wait for a response,

why not try our free help?

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which SKILLS

your family is missing!

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