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WATCH ME on a rooftop at 6:30am to find out how I face my own loneliness...


If you feel alone as a parent.


First, it's normal.


You are not alone. Likely millions of us feel the same way. 

Second, it's natural, a sign of health.


Loneliness is a call to reach out and re-connect: to strengthen our bonds, broaden our networks of allies and come back to community. 

And the bottom line ~ for me ~ is the truth that...

We may be able to do cope or survive

as families on our own,

but it takes community

to help a family thrive!

There are many ways to do that. 

I'm working on one (to be shared in the fall). 

For now, I could not wait. 

So I decided to gather friends who are parents to create a special gathering... 

Join me for an evening 

to experience the antidote to loneliness

"The Heart of Parenting"

First off, it's an evening (and a getaway) from your kids.



It's my best response and an antidote to the loneliness we all naturally feel at times ~ as parents and hell as humans in this often disconnected and narcissistic society we live in.


The antidote to loneliness = 

an experience of deep empathy

and communal sharing. 

We'll be doing something called Playback Theatre which is known for being improv for the heart and soul

One of our past audience members said...

""As a parent, I feel so alone with these moments so often...


This was better than therapy.

I feel seen and heard by others...


...means a lot to me.

Thank you."


So, it's happening in Toronto on the evening of...


Wednesday, August 14th 

Why only once? It takes a lot of coordination of several talented people from two companies (M.A.P. and Branch Out Theatre Productions) to come together (hard for us as parents especially).

To keep it intimate, there are only 30 spots.

I haven't told but a few friends by word and now we only have 24 spots left... 

I hope you'll be one of the lucky (and brave) parents who decide to join us!



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