to reach and influence your family members 

This is the second most important skill I can teach you!

What to do when you feel like your son, daughter or even co-parent are shutting you out?

I hope you don't judge me if I tell you that it still happens to me more often than I would like! 

It could be because they are mad at you. 

Or just a self-protective reflex and not personal AT ALL!

But it still stings.


It wretches my gut. 


Makes heavier my heart. 

I promised I would share with you how I was able to unlock the locks to my wife, daughter and a dear friend recently. 

Here goes... 

All had good reasons to shut down. 

And with each, the words and way looked different. 

But it was the same skill. 

Since I am betting you are smart and very caring, you'll be able to understand the concept right away. 

But don't be fooled by your understanding.


It takes more than head nodding to make it work.  

Here's the idea anyway.


It's kindergarden simple. 

It has to do with our inherent wiring for empathy.

Brene Brown gives a more beautiful (and funny) example in this 3 minute cartoon video here:


Before you think you know this and how to do it, did you get the crucial distinction between empathy and sympathy? 

True empathy is radical stuff. 

Not easy to do!

It takes courage to feel something scary or likely yucky.

It's what we call in Aikido, to
blend with your partner and their attack. 

The problem I see from 25 years of working with kids and families in tough spots, is...

not a lack of understanding this skill, but


in accessing this instinct. 


That is why a bunch of parent friends and I created this unique event, called... 

"The Heart of Parenting"

First off, it's an evening (and a getaway) from your kids.




It will give you two things you need to really be able to reach deep down inside and AWAKEN the power of empathy dormant within. 

ONE. A skillful practice

If you come out to this, I will teach you a way to really physically get it.


TWO. An experience of deep empathy


They (wise folks) say...


you can't give it until you get it...


We'll be doing something called Playback Theatre which is known for being improv for the heart and soul

Through this fun evening, you will get to experience what deep whole-hearted and embodied empathy really looks and feels like! 

One of our past audience members said...

""As a parent, I feel so alone with these moments so often...


This was better than therapy.

I feel seen and heard by others...


...means a lot to me.

Thank you."


So, it's happening in Toronto on the evening of...


Wednesday, August 14th 



I know families are busy over the summer, but this event is really a ONE time event (which we may do again - but no guarantees).  

Why only once? It takes a lot of coordination of several talented people from two companies (M.A.P. and Branch Out Theatre Productions) to come together (hard for us as parents especially).

To keep it intimate, there are only 30 spots.

I haven't told but a few friends by word and now we only have 24 spots left... 

I hope you'll be one of the lucky (and brave) parents who decide to join us!



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