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on how to better assess your parenting

Quick RE-CAP

(key points from video above)

 50 sec. ~ Why DOUBT is a good think. 

Why it is necessary and natural since parenting is a complex, dynamic and ever-changing. 

 1:30min.  ~ The THREE CRITERIA to better assess your EFFECTIVENESS

Most parents only evaluate based on the first criteria (does it get me the RESULTS I want to see). This is a mistake. The other other two criteria are critical to being most effective. 

 3:20 min.  ~ The 4 E.Q. (Essential Qualities) every parent needs

There are personal strengths we each bring and there are these four qualities which are essential to cultivate in order to become most effective as a parent. 

 4:20 min.  ~  How to assess yourself on the 4 E.Q.?

This last part explains the Parenting Compass and how it helps to assess ourselves in the four essential qualities. 


the following...

  1. Is my parenting really WORKING?

  2. What KIND of parent do I wish to become?

  3. How do I EVOLVE my parenting?

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