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Letting go of the ideal we wish to be to own how we actually are may seem like a step backwards but it sets us up to grow on solid ground. 

2. Be COMPASSIONATE with yourself

The tendency is to be mean to ourselves to "motivate" change or to give up and collapse. Compassion is a super power and scientifically proven to help us in making real changes because it's based in radical acceptance. 

3. Focus on gaining CLARITY

When we let go of trying to impress or hiding our flaws, we are freed up to see more clearly and thus to start making tiny yet meaningful steps to evolve our parenting. 

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This next free tool will not only give you the big picture, it will also clarify in detail the…


1. The MISSING LIFE SKILLS which you will need to learn and teach your kid(s) to help them succeed more at school, home and the playground.

2. The “RIGHT” STRATEGIES ~ along a spectrum (to help you select which one would be most authentic, natural and easy to use next).


3. The EASY BABY STEPS to begin evolving your parenting with minimum effort and maximum impact.

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The goal is to help you gain clarity and also to provide follow up options (with us or elsewhere). 


And, in exchange for this free service, we ask for your input to help us make it a more accurate and helpful tool which we will release eventually as a self-assessment. 

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