Which is best for you

and your family?

Therapy and mentoring are

both great pathways...

+ To get skilled guidance and support to help you navigate rough terrain as a family. 

+ Which address the Top 10 Crises I see families struggling with. 

+ Which have led to meaningful results for all kinds of families. 


So why offer two paths...?

How and why

mentoring and therapy


Therapy allows us to... 

1. To address specific mental health issues and labels.

As a therapist, I can comment on the labels and issues you have encountered in mental health contexts. I can offer professional advising also as to how to navigate the mental health system and what resources you might also need. 

2. To engage in specific therapeutic processes.

This means we can do various therapies which I am trained and experienced in to address mental health conditions, using Drama Therapy, Family Therapy and other modalities I have extensive experience practicing like: Solution Focused, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, ACT, Mindfulness and Interpersonal based CBT.   

3. Within the ethical frame and limits of a professional relationship.

If we engage in therapy, there is a tight frame limiting us to not become friends or equal members in a shared community. These professional ethical "boundaries" are there to prevent risks, such as you being taken advantage of by a therapist.  That is also why I have professional liability insurance and belong to an organization which licenses and regulates my profession (CRPO) which you can complain to if you feel like I have crossed an ethical line. Some parents find that distance and boundary helpful while others find it too limiting (wishing to have a longer-term relationship within a shared community, for example).

So, therapy is a frame which allows us to do specific work not possible elsewhere.

Other times, it can limit the scope of what is possible and desired. 

That is why I also offer mentoring, as it opens new doors (while closing a few of those found in therapy).

Mentoring allows us to... 

1. To address your issues in the way you frame them.

As a mentor, I won't wade into "psychobabble" or talking in therapy-speak and/or following the guidelines of what is standard therapeutic practice. Instead, I follow and track the meaning and language you use to describe your own and your family's experience. I also offer frames of meaning which other parents and my experience predict may be most accurate and powerful to ways to look at your situation (ie: the metaphor for anger as fire). 

2. To engage in more flexible and creative ways.

We have the option to use techniques and processes which are not specifically considered psychotherapy but can be as or even more powerful for you to create the changes you wish to see in yourself and your family. 


(For example, I engage many families in martial arts (Aikido) practice as a pathway for growth. Having pioneered a therapeutic program based on the principles of Aikido for kids with Learning Disabilities and other mental health issues (often ADHD, anxiety, depression, and ASD) I have seen the outcomes and research showing the power of the Aikido principles. Yet, as a mentor, and Sensei, I teach those principles and practices now for the greater good and whole-brain health of kids and parents (not as a therapy).  

3. Within the ethical frame we agree to and set together. 

I believe in clear, mutual and healthy boundaries which help the mentoring to be more effective. I also believe in the need for community and that the future of health and mental health will be integrated into our lives, in ways that do not exist, yet. Therefore, I offer Parent Mentoring (instead of therapy) to provide a pathway which is more inclusive and integrated.

One example includes how I offer Parent Mentoring (whether 1-1 or in small groups) where I teach you skills and offer guidance and support. Then, over time, as a mentee, you may develop experience and skill to become a mentoring and support to others in a larger community of parents which we both belong to and participate in.

Also, practically, I am also able to offer mentoring for a lower price due to lower overhead (most meetings are via video-zoom and group rates cover my fees more equitably).

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